Group training


While personal training is without doubt the best way to achieve the desired physique goals, by practicing in a group we form a community. We compete, but can also count on mutual support, which often enable us to achieve more, go beyond the boundaries of our virtual possibilities.

You have a few friends with whom you would like to exercise? Or maybe you want to join? Is so, just contact me.
I offer a wide range of training programs that are adjusted to your individual preferences.

Full-Body Workout

Holistic training, the aim of which is to stimulate and develop all the muscles of your body. By taking advantage of machines, equipment, and the very weight of your body, it makes it possible to perform both complex and isolated exercises.

Benefits: proportionate strengthening of all the muscles, improvement of coordination and muscle flexibility, fat tissue reduction

Functional Training

Training which improves the condition of your body. It incorporates mainly complex exercises, engaging all the joints, and being equivalents of the movements performed on everyday basis. It is a perfect solution for the beginners, starting their adventure with sports.

Benefits: muscle durability increase, coordination boost, fatty tissue reduction, joint stabilization and strengthening the spine, decreasing the risk of contusion while exercising and performing everyday chores

High Intensity Interval Training

Training based on combining the periods of intense physical effort with those of moderate one. Its main goal is to stimulate the metabolism. Thanks to the occurrence of the so-called oxygen debt phenomenon, fatty tissue is burned even after the training session without reducing the size of the muscular tissue. Due to high intensity of the training, its duration is much shorter than in the case of other programs which undoubtedly is an advantage for busy people who just do not have time for long training sessions.

Benefits: effective fatty tissue reduction, overall durability and physical condition improvement over a short period of time

Corrective Training

Training aiming at eliminating disproportions in muscle tension by strengthening the least durable muscles and stretching those tensed ones. Such a program helps to make keeping a proper sitting, walking, and sleeping positions a habit.

Benefitsi: muscle durability and coordination boost, joint stabilization and spine strengthening, helping to keep proper poise


Training focused on shaping the muscles and burring the excess of fat. In the same time, it may release you from tension and stress. It also perfectly stimulates the core muscles. Each movement is made on purpose and in a controlled manner, together with proper breathing exercises.

Benefits: muscle durability increase, body shaping, stress and tension relief, body soothing

Stretching and Foam Rolling

Improper shortening of the muscle and joint structures may lead to the occurrence of unwanted tensions which may influence the body posture negatively. Tensed muscles also have limited scope of movements, translating into lack of training progress. That is why it is important to focus on stretching as it may stimulate and relax your muscles. Additional trainings with a foam roll will make it possible to release muscle tensions caused by intense trainings and in the same time – teach you how to maintain proper balance.

Benefits: relaxing and increasing the flexibility of muscles, increasing the scope of movements, muscle regeneration boots, coordination and muscle durability increase.