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I am a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor with a perennial experience. I find a true satisfaction and fulfillment in my job. The thing that matters for me the most is the possibility to have a constant contact with the second person – such a chance allows for the creation of a long-lasting relation with such an individual, understanding his or her needs, as well as support him or her in reaching the set goals.

Fitness, dietetics, and personal development are my biggest passions, the knowledge about which is constantly expanded by means of various training sessions, workshops, and conventions. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with you as well. I would like to show you that training is not only a great way to properly shape your body, but it may also improve your overall health condition and wellbeing.

I especially specialize in intense trainings, the goal of which is to shape the body and increase its strength. During the consecutive sections, I attempt to show my clients the positive effects of being tired after the training. What is more, I do care about the proper technique of execution and the safety of the separate exercises performed by the clients. I treat every single meeting as a unique one and the happiness of my customers motivates me to raise the bar a bit higher every single time.

I believe that impossible is noting.

I am here to convince you about that as well. 

More about me …

“A graduate of the Management in Warsaw School of Economics, but this is sport and a healthy lifestyle that have proven to be the direction in which she wants to follow …”

I am not the type of person for whom sport was always number one in life. After several years of experience with ballet, which I started as a 2-year-old, everything went in totally different direction. Foreign languages, after school activities – even though my schedule since childhood was always filled to the brim, in the meantime I led a life of a standard teenager. However, ever since I was interested in personal development and travel, which I admire to this day. I truly love to explore new places, new people and foreign cultures. Watch diversity of all kinds, experience changes.
Being a student of one of the best economic schools in the country, I felt that finance or accounting is not what I’m looking for in life. Studying during the day, leading fitness classes in the evenings, trying my hand at a full-time job and spending hours on my own training I needed time to find “my” way. Attending numerous conferences, workshop and courses, I focused on development in the broadest sense. On the one hand, personal development, both from the spiritual and business point of view. On the other hand to work on the human body, not only in the context of the figure, but mainly fitness, health and well-being.
That was how my passion was born – a combination of sport, nutrition and psychology. These 3 pillars are in fact extremely complementary. Diet as the basis of health. Training as an incentive for some beneficial changes in body. Mental aspect as to strengthen and complement the previous ones, give them proper sense.
Group training gave way to individual workouts, in which I feel a hundred percent satisfied. All this to be closer to my students.

I love people. It fascinates me how diverse we are. I like to build relationships, meet the needs of others, to build relationships, to share my knowledge. I like to feel needed and assist others in areas where I feel I can help. I think that it is precisely this aspect that caused that I love my work so much. This is not only about a passion for sports, or dietetics. But mainly about the possibility of helping people and being around people. Diverse, sometimes quite different than I am, but this is the most fascinating.